Blog of laurent Dusausoy, it's all about branding and brand equity

Blog of laurent Dusausoy, it's all about branding and  brand equity

Cause your brand is your best asset...

By Laurent Dusausoy.




A strong brand is developing your sales while reducing your costs and increasing your loyal consumers. Many large companies have realized the need for a strong brand. Moreover, and now "brand value" is 40% of a company’s market capitalization, 70% in the luxury sector (source: S&P 500) So, brands are your best asset and act like a virtuous circle for your customers and stakeholders.




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But creating and developping a brand equity strategy is quite tough.

This requires to understand the fundamentals pillars of brand marketing and to use with efficiency processes and tools required to create a brand identity or to optimize the value of your brand.
The purpose of this blog is to present the news in brands management (brand equity), to give you (to those who need) some basic concepts and share together our expertise and experience.
As I am neither a marketing researcher nor PhD graduate in marketing, for sure some illustrated concepts could be improved. As I'm french, accept in advance my English mistakes.

How is this blog organized?
The blog is composed of several chapters:
- Brands news on brand equity.
- A presentation of the main marketing concepts in brand identity or brand equity (either via external links or via powerpoint I realize).
- Some papers made by me showing my thoughts on these topics.

Which sectors, this blog is it oriented?
The majority of the news presented (brands, industries) is derived from the areas where I worked: consumers goods, retail, luxury and fashion goods. All the concepts presented are adaptable to all sectors.


About intellectual property?
I fully respect the right to intellectual property. This is why I always indicates the origin of the work and concepts presented. If, by mistake, this was not the case, thank you to point it out. I would make the corrections immediately.


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